Subclass 500 Student Visa

Study in Australia and gain an Australian qualification!

Study and work part-time at the same time!

Find out your options after graduation...

Studying in Australia


Who can apply for this visa

Most people wishing to study in Australia should apply through the subclass 500 student visa (exceptions apply).


Applicants for the subclass 500 student visa must first prove:

  • A true intention to enter Australia for the purposes of studying; and

  • The applicant (who will be the student) will not breach the subclass 500 student visa conditions.


What can you do with this visa

  • Study in Australia

  • Work in Australia (limited hours per week)


What are the stages involved (general overview)

  1. Find an educational institution in Australia such as a university, TAFE, college, high school, and primary school.

    1. Ensure the educational institution has an up-to-date registration to accept overseas students. Look for their CRICOS code.

    2. Ensure you meet the English Skills requirement

  2. Sit an English Skills test if you have not already. (an approved English Test)

  3. Organise your Australian health insurance policy.

  4. Organise funds/money to support you while you study in Australia.

    1. Must be calculated

    2. Must factor in your secondary applicants (e.g. family members)

  5. Make sure you satisfy the relevant PIC’s applicable such as:

    1. Be of good character

    2. Never been refused or had an Australian visa cancelled

    3. Do not owe the Australian Government money

    4. Be of good health

  6. Apply for a course/program at an educational institution such as a university, TAFE, college, high school, and primary school.

  7. Accept the enrolment.

  8. Apply for a student visa.

  9. Arrive in Australia.


How to apply for the visa

All visas are lodged online.


Requirements for the primary applicant (the student)

This will vary according to the level of education.


Requirements for secondary visa applicants

Please ask us.


Secondary exchange students

Many schools around the world have high school exchange programs which offer students to travel to Australia for a few months to study and experience Australian student life. Whether individuals can enter Australia under a subclass 500 student visa will depend on several factors.


Young, under 18 students

If you are giving your child the opportunity to study in Australia, it is very important that your child is properly taken care of until they reach the age of 18 years old. As a family member you may be able to join your child in Australia to be his or her guardian. You may also have someone else look after your child in Australia. We do not recommend you applying for a student visa for a child under the age of 18 years old and to consult us to assist you.


Cost (visa application only – subject to change)

AUD$575 for most primary applicants

AUD$430 for secondary applicant over 18 years old

AUD$140 for secondary applicant under 18 years old


Processing time

Depends on level of education:


Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector

22 to 35 days

Postgraduate Research Sector

56 to 74 days

Non-Award Sector

11 to 21 days

Schools Sector

48 to 74 days

Independent ELICOS Sector

21 to 62 days

Vocational Education and Training Sector

64 to 71 days

Higher Education Sector

18 to 29 days


All visas processing times will depend on completeness of the visa application. It can take longer if you do not provide everything needed for visa application assessment. The processing times above are derived from the Department of Home Affairs provided estimates.


Common questions

  • What evidence of enrolment do I need to provide?

  • What is a COE number?

  • Is there a different process if I apply for the student visa in Australia or outside Australia?

  • I want to study Masters in Australia but I also want to work in Australia, what are my options?

  • I am offered a secondary exchange program in Australia for 2 months, is this the visa for me?

  • What is the CRICOS code used for?

  • The school in Australia doesn’t have a CRICOS code, is that a problem?

  • Can I study part-time under the subclass 500 student visa?

  • I am still waiting for my confirmation of enrolment (“COE”), can I apply for the subclass 500 student visa?

  • Can I enrol into more than one course on a subclass 500 student visa?

  • How long can I remain in Australia under the subclass 500 student visa?

  • Can I take a break from studying whilst on a subclass 500 student visa?

  • Can I bring family to Australia under a subclass 500 student visa?

  • Do I need to provide evidence of money/funds?

  • How much money is required for a subclass 500 student visa?


Bringing family with you (Important)

If you are bringing family to Australia, please consult a registered Australian migration agent. You do not want to do the application incorrectly and have your family left behind.

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