Our Services

General consultation

Basic case review

Complete case preparation

Student services

Refusal & Appeals

Review & lodgement

Chinese client services 

General Consultation

Sometimes you just need a professional's opinion on your situation...

  • Preliminary advice


  • Discussing potential PR visa options


  • Providing you a list of options given your circumstances


  • Advising you on selected visas

  • Advising you on what you need to do now, to ensure your future in Australia is secure


  • Providing you with a "visa planner" (call us today if you want more info on this!)


  • Answering any questions you may have

  • Optional letter of advice or detailed letter of advice available on request (additional fees apply)

Basic Case Review

  • Reviewing your circumstances


  • Reviewing your visa application 


  • Reviewing all your documents


  • Suggesting changes to any errors we identify

  • Optional letter of advice or detailed letter of advice available on request (additional fees apply)

Complete Case Preparation

  • We can do the entire visa application process for you


  • We will be in communication with you every step of the way

  • Best option for busy people

  • Potentially higher success rate than doing the visa application yourself

  • Agreed fees (fixed price) for entire process available

Student Services

  • Specially designed for students who wish to stay in Australia after they graduate


  • Including an initial meeting to learn more about your situation and your goal


  • Providing you with a plan on the best possible pathway forward

  • You have the option of a detailed letter of advice (additional fees apply)

Refusal and Appeal

  • Reviewing your visa application refusal letter


  • Providing you with an opinion as to whether you have a chance appealing the refusal decision

  • Assisting you with part of the refusal process or the entire process


  • If you wish to appeal your case to the AAT or Federal Court of Australia, we will prepare your case and represent you as your lawyer

Review and Lodgement 

  • We review what you have done


  • We lodge your application through our IMMI account

  • We provide you with ongoing updates of the status of the application as we received them​​

Chinese Client Services

  • We can communicate in Chinese (Mandarin) and assist with interpreting from English-Chinese.


  • We can explain your visa options in Chinese

  • This service is free of charge (additional fees for NAATI certified translations )

Other services

​The above is just a general list of what services we may be able to provide our clients.


Call us today to discuss what we are able to assist you with (08)63890270 or email us at info@immigration2aus.com.au