Review & Appeals

Has your Australian visa application been refused?

Appealing the decision can be difficult. Don't waste your chance!

Review & Appeals


Rejected Australia visa application

If you have been refused a visa by the Australian Department of Home Affairs, in some situations your visa may be reviewable. You will need to apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or more commonly known as “AAT”.


Time-frame for appealing refusal decision

You will have limited time to lodge a formal application for an appeal of your refused Australian visa application.


Reasons for Australian visa being refused by case officer

There are many reasons which can influence the case officer who assessed your visa application and caused him/her to deny your visa application.


Examples which may not be applicable to you, but may be reasons why the case officer assessing your visa application refused your Australia visa could include the following:

  • Lack of documentation  

  • Incorrect documentation

  • Fake or fraudulent documentation

  • Scanned wrong passport page(s)

  • Wrong details entered in the application form(s)

  • Did not obtain a sponsor for the visa

  • Did not pay the visa application fees

  • Did not lodge documents as further requested by case officer

  • Applied for wrong Australian visa

  • Change of circumstances

  • Did not provide enough evidence to the case officer of your true intention

  • You pose a threat to Australia’s national security

  • You failed to disclose your criminal record

  • You lied on your application

  • The case officer assessing your Australian visa application did not believe you are who you say you are

  • You do not have substantial ties to Australia


Can I simply reapply for the same visa

This can be a very complex answer and will depend on the reasons the case officer stated on the refusal letter. It is a waste of your money and time to reapply for the same visa if you were rejected for very serious reasons/concerns.


Refunds of visa application fee

It may be possible to obtain a refund for the visa application fee you paid to the Australian Department of Home Affairs. This will depend on individual visas and the circumstances of your case.


Can I appeal the decision to refuse grant of an Australian visa without the help of an Australian lawyer or Australian Migration Agent?

The simple answer is yes. It is however not recommended. You have very limited opportunity to appeal a refusal decision. Do not waste your chance. It is recommended that you see an Australian lawyer or even better, an Australian lawyer who is also an Australian migration agent.


What can we do for you?


We are a firm of Australian lawyers. If you have been refused an Australian visa for any reason, please contact us immediately to see if we can help you.


If you are outside the time-frame for appealing the refusal decision, no one can help you. You will likely need to re-apply for the Australian visa all over again, hopefully learning from the mistakes made in the first application.

When you contact us, we will ask you to provide us with basic information such as the following:

  • Your contact details

  • Your background information

  • Visa rejection letter and related documentation

We will then explain to you what has happened and what you can do and cannot do in relation to the visa application that has been refused.

You can then attempt to do the appeal process yourself or have us represent you. ​​Email us today at with as much information as possible to enable us to reply effectively. You can also call us on +61863890270 (Australian number).