How do Registered Australian Migration Agents charge for their services?

Rates of Charges


What kind of charges to expect from a Registered Australian Migration Agent

In general, all Registered Australian Migration Agents will charge either hourly or by agreed fee.

Example 1:

Jun Wei wants to apply for a working holiday visa. The Registered Australian Migration Agent agrees a set price of $X for preparing the documents, lodging the application/documents. 

Example 2:

Metha Deepak wants to apply for a prospective marriage visa for his girlfriend who is located in India. The Registered  Migration Agent estimates the total hours needed, between (minimum) X hour to (maximum) Y hour and $X to $Y. It is important to note that this is always just an estimate and is subject to increase or decrease, depending on each individual's circumstances.

The visa application cost (the price of the visa itself) will not be included in most Registered Australian Migration Agent's fee estimates. The reason for this is, that the prices are frequently changing. 

Other costs associated with visa document preparation such as: medical checks, skills assessments, and so on, are normally not included in the Registered Australian Migration Agent's agreed fee or estimated hours.

Contracting with a Registered Australian Migration Agent

Documents you are provided with

You will be provided with a copy of the Registered Australian Migration Agent's costs agreement and a consumer guide in a language which is applicable to you. You will also be provided with a form authorising the Registered Australian Migration Agent to act on your behalf with the Department of Home Affairs.

Documents you must provide

At all times, if requested by an Registered Australian Migration Agent working on your Australian Visa Application, you must assist with providing the documents that he or she requests from you. If you do not have the documents available to you, it is your responsibility to explain truthfully the reasons why you do not have the said documents.

Australian Migration Agent Rates & Fees

You will most likely be asked to pay by direct debit transfer (bank transfer or account to account transfer). If you are unable to pay through this means, a Registered Australian Migration Agent may be able to invoice you digitally with payment options such as Visa/ Master Card. 

Your initial consultation with a Registered Australian Migration Agent

When first meeting with a Registered Australian Migration Agent, you will be asked many general questions and will be provided with booklet with many questions (a questionnaire). This will assist the Registered Australian Migration Agent working on your file to provide you with an initial letter of advice.

Initial letter to client

Upon meeting or speaking with a Registered Australian Migration Agent, he or she will most likely insist you pay for an initial opinion. This is simply speaking, general advice and unless otherwise stated, is not a confirmation of what you should or should not do.

Detailed letter to client

Once a Registered Australian Migration Agent has all the necessary details from the client, he or she on request of the client do up a customised plan for the client. It is then for the client to decide whether to use the services of the Registered Australian Migration Agent or do the Australian Visa Application himself or herself.

Next steps

Once signing the required documentation and paying all the required fees of Registered Australian Migration Agent, the process is left in the hands of the Registered Australian Migration Agent. You will be able to get on with your life and contact the Registered Australian Migration Agent if you require further assistance with document preparation and/or if you want an update.

Our Rates of Charges


We engage with clients on either an agreed fee basis or an hourly basis as follows:

  • For non-legal/ non-complex migration matters

  • For legal/ complex migration matters


For us to provide you with a costs estimate, we will require (if possible) that you provide us the following:

  1. Which visa you want to apply for (if unknown, please specify either work/ family/ holiday)

  2. Do you meet the visa eligibility on the Department of Home Affairs website

  3. Do you currently have an Australian Visa, or was denied an Australian Visa, or has had an Australian Visa cancelled.