Australian Partner Visas

Have you decided to sponsor your partner to live in Australia with you?


820 and 301 visas

Australian Family visa applications


The three most common family situations we receive are:


My partner is living in Australia, how can I join them in Australia?

If you have a partner living in Australia and you currently reside overseas, it is possible to obtain a visa so that you can stay legally in Australia with your partner.​


My biological children reside in Australia, how can I reside in Australia with them?

If you have a daughter or son living in Australia​, they may be able to sponsor you under their Permanent Resident Visa or Citizenship.

I found someone I love, they are working/studying temporary in Australia, how do I sponsor them so that they can stay in Australia?

If you met someone you love in Australia, and that someone is studying/working temporarily under e.g. a student visa, or graduate visa, or working holiday visa, you may be able to sponsor your loved one so that they can reside with you in Australia.

How can we help you with your family visa application

  1. Assist you with finding the correct family visa 

  2. Assist you with filling in the relevant visa application forms

  3. Lodge the visa application for you through our online Department of Home Affair's Migration Agent Portal.

  4. Stay in touch with you throughout the process

Family visa applications can be very complex.


We recommend contacting us to discuss the correct family visa.


The Department's website only explains briefly what you should do and whether the visa is applicable to you.


Always seek the professional advice before deciding to lodge a family visa application yourself.

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Partner visas

Partner visa 820/801 (onshore) and 309/100 (offshore)

Benefits of using us as your migration agents for your partner visa application:

Migration Agent's Knowledge

The Department of Home Affairs website explains only a snapshot of what is required from an Applicant and a Sponsor. We have done enough Australian Partner visas to advise you on the correct documents to upload, and what is absolutely necessary for a successful partner visa. 

Let us do the stressing for you

Let us do all the stressing for you. Having us as your migration agents will mean more time for you and your partner/spouse. We will keep you updated on your visa application. You get on with your life, let us get on with your partner application.

Happier relationship

If you and your spouse need to upload documents to the Department of Home Affairs IMMIPORTAL, it would take time out of your everyday lives. This will most definitely cause arguments and conflict in your relationship if someone does something wrong, such as upload a wrong document or wrongly label the document. Let us make sure things are done correctly the first time around.

Time and Cost savings

When you engage us to do your partner visa, yes you will need to pay us. Generally the cost can be a few thousand dollars in migration agent service fees alone. Although this may seem high, this is the market rate. If you were to spend time doing your partner visa application, you would likely spend a lot of time learning about the partner visa application process BEFORE you even upload a single document. You would most likely not upload sufficient or relevant documents to allow your visa to be successful. Use your precious time to do more hours at your job. Let us save you time and money.

Do not make the mistake and think you know more than a registered migration agent.


Partner visas are one of the most difficult visas to do successfully. Not all migration agents do Partner visas for this reason.


Talk to us today if you are looking to sponsor your partner under the 820/801 or 309/100 visas.

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