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Please note that from 10 February 2021 until 23 March 2021 we will not be providing migration advice due to legislative changes surrounding migration agents & legal practitioners. Post- 23 March 2021, we will continue our migration work as we did previously but we are not permitted to be registered as a 'migration agent' with MARA. We will continue to be registered with the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia, and as practising lawyers we are permitted from the date above, to provide migration advice (same as migration agents) as well as legal advice. For more info please email

Visa Applications

As Australian Immigration Lawyers, we have extensive experience and understanding of the Australian Visa System. When you use our services to assist you with preparing your Australian Visa Application, you have an advantage over most.

AAT / Visa Refusals

When you have had your visa application refused, you want to know your rights, obligations and options. As Australian Immigration Lawyers, we are registered to practise law in Australia. We are able to represent you at an AAT Tribunal and at an Australian Court. 

Advice Only

If you only want some advice in relation to your current visa, what visa options are available to you, we can definitely assist. As Australian Immigration Lawyers, we are most qualified to provide you with the best possible advice regarding Australian Migration.

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We are passionate about Australian Immigration. Our clients enjoy our dedicated and constant attention. Let us work on your Australian Visa whilst you get on with your daily life in Australia.

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